Email Marketing services for restaurants.

Don’t Waste your Money at advertising on tv ads, Brochures, and newspaper ads.  Concentrate on your existing customers and new customers with Email Marketing services from Experts of Marketing strategy for restaurants.

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According to research, Open rate of email is above 60% than other. So reaching customers through Email is so easy and effective. Marketing strategy for restaurants helps you to reach your existing customers and new customers through our Email marketing services. We collected emails of your website visitors through the tool called hello bar and make your Website visitors into customers.

Why you need Email Marketing services for restaurants??

As a restaurant owner you need to update more information about your restaurant to regular customers as well as new customers. Email marketing services for restaurant play a vital role. We can set email campaign for existing customers about the restaurant menu updates, Dine in specials, Coupon codes. So if the people who looking for dine in weekend will use the special offers and also they get know about all updates about restaurants.

At marketing strategy for restaurant we follow the 4 steps to success in email marketing.
  1. Strategy
  2. Lead magnets
  3. Segmentation and Automation
  4. Measuring and reporting.





As a Restaurant owner you need measure the Return on Investments of your Restaurant spend. At Marketing strategy for restaurant we plan the short term and long term goal of your restaurants campaign to achieve the return on Investment.


Lead magnets:

   We will start collecting email of your website visitors through lead magnets such as Special offers, coupons codes. We schedule separate campaigns for both new Customers and existing customers.


Segmentation and Automation

Sending Email Without people interest may end up with No clicks and also it will increase Unsubscribers. So at marketing strategy for restaurant we segment audience based on their behaviour and interest it will help to increase more click through rate and reduce email bounce rates

Measuring and reporting:

We at Marketing strategy for restaurants measures your previous Campaigns that will help to improve your future campaigns. We will send monthly reports of all campaign and their return on Investments.   

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